In first grade, a phonetic approach to reading is applied using A Beka Book` Christian reading series and other readers. First semester emphasis is on oral reading. In the second semester, comprehension skills are developed. There is extensive drill in phonics with an emphasis on word-analysis skills.
In math, students are taught addition and subtraction facts, order and sequence from 1 to 200, place value, money values, time, story problems and simple fractions. Ten to fifteen spelling words will be introduced per week using phonetic skills. Sight words are included. The highlight of first grade penmanship is the mastery of the cursive alphabet. Language includes composing sentences and writing short stories. Capitalization and punctuation are stressed.
Bible lessons about favorite Old Testament characters are given. One or two verses are memorized per week along with the books of the Bible; some doctrinal drill is included. In the second semester, science, health and history are added to the curriculum.