K-4 is a readiness program in a structured classroom, which meets one-half day, five times per week. The curriculum includes daily Bible lessons, phonics and reading, writing, numbers, poetry and fun activities. Children learn the alphabet, number concepts from 1-20 and counting from 1-100. In addition, there are weekly music, chapel and library times. K-4 children do not receive grades.


The A Beka curriculum which emphasizes phonics and reading skills.

Class Goals

  • recognize the name and sound of all letters
  • write all letters learned plus words and sentences
  • count 1-100
  • recognize and understand concepts through 20
  • learn additional combinations through the sums of 9
  • blend letters together
  • read one and two vowel words
  • read sentences with one and two vowel words

Additional Subjects/Activities:

  • Gym class once a week
  • Arts/Crafts/Listening
  • Music class once a week Skills/Poems
  • Bible: K4 Bible time will consist of daily Bible stories from the Old and New Testament, 26 Bible verses and songs.