Download International Student Application Form.

STUDENT FEE    $1,500

This fee covers the cost of the I20, if needed, as well as issuance and cost of the I901 form, which activates the I20. The student fee is non-refundable. It must be paid either in cash or with a cashier's check. The student fee is not necessary if the student already has an active I20 and is transferring from another school in the United States.


This fee is per student and is non-refundable. This is used for several things in the enrollment process including the membership in the Michigan Association of Christian Schools and school insurance. This fee is to be paid upon submission of the enrollment application.

The student fee ($1,500) and registration fee ($150) are due before an I20 can be issued.

TUITION    $7,000

Tuition covers the operating expenses of RHCS. Since the school receives no federal , state, or local financial subsidies, we rely upon prompt tuition payments for all students.


Matriculation is for kindergarten through sixth grade and covers the cost of books and standardized testing with scores provided for the parents.


These are the estimated costs of books, camp, field trips, sports, and Fine Arts. The final amount will depend on what classes are taken and the areas in which the student participates. Elementary students (1st through 6th) are exempt from this fee.

The total of the entire tuition and miscellaneous expenses ($8,000 for 7th-12th grade, $7,385 for K-6th) is due on or before the student begins school. The administration cannot allow a student to attend classes if the entire amount is not paid.


We have been approved for accepting international students since 2008. Our students are offered art, computer, music, band, library, choir, physical education and a full array of sports for grades 6-12. In order for us to consider acceptance of an international student and issue an I20 we require the following information:

  1. Student's full name (as it will appear on the passport)
  2. Date of birth and gender
  3. Country of birth, City of birth, Country of citizenship
  4. Foreign address
  5. United States address (address of the host family)
  6. Current official bank statement with the total given in US denomination equal to or exceeding the amount of tuition for the school term
  7. A SLEP score proving English proficiency (You may contact the school to inquire what score is necessary for the grade level; however, the school will not consider accepting a student for any grade with a SLEP score below 30.)
  8. A recent report card with grades listed. If the report card is not in English, please have an English interpretation or explanation along with it.
  9. Basic reading and writing of English is a requirement for attendance

Acceptance of a student's application will be determined after the above information has been submitted and reviewed.

If you have questions or need additional help, please contact our school international secretary, Cammie Sheldon, at